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It is not the secret that many people want to reach their destinations as quickly as possible, especially if they are in a great hurry. Of course, in this case the best way is to fly there. The only thing you need to do in this situation is to book tickets in advance. Owing to our website you can find here the best suggestions for the customers. Today everybody can book the flight to any distanation on line. They can cancel or change reservation. The permanent customers can get
some discounts on the flight. We help to make your journey more easy and comfortable. We provide with all informations to you. We give all important medical information. You can know a range of restrictions and allowances for the foods and liquids you may take with you. If you are travelling with your dog or want to find out how to transport your pet we will help you.
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People today tend to travel longer distances, more often and at much higher speeds. In fact airplane is the fastest, more convenient means of travelling, because it saves our time and sometimes money. One billion passengers now fly every year - that's equivalent to a sixth of the world's population. Before to start an air travel you try to find flight itineraries of companies available. You can use related online travel services 24 hours a day using our website. All people without exceptions, try to find favourable prices for tickets here.
If you travel for pleasure you would like to visit many countries, to see the places of interest in the cities and towns. Visit all the Southeast Asia destinations:
Indonesia. Indonesia offers almost unimaginable diversity within its borders. The paradisiacal island of Bali is the most famous destination of many tourists which come to visit this beautiful gorgeous country.
Laos may be Southeast Asia's most untouched country bar none, but its long history and rich culture make it a budget destination par excellence.
Malaysia is a land of cultural contrasts. One day you’ll be staring from the viewing deck of a skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur, the next you’ll be marching up a trail along Mount Kinabalu.
nown as the "Switzerland of Southeast Asia", Singapore's clean cityscapes and technological wizardry are a perfect complement to the city-state's utter devotion to shopping and good eats.
Thailand is Southeast Asia's most popular destination, with rich in culture, famous beaches, shopping, and nightlife.
Nowadays people travel also on business. They visit different countries from Great Britain to Australia. And we will offer them any information about this. We will do special offers to our permanent clients.Just do your choice!
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Welcome to our website which is full of information of travelling by air on the long and short distanation in all parts of our earth. Here we can provide you to find out the ways of quickest booking, baggage, inflight services, food and baverage. We help you to check and discover our special offers that have been tailored espesially for you. And also check the flight schedule for your chosen destination up on one year in advance. There are special offers of business, economy, premium economy and first class services, where you can try delicious meals and drinks, to have extra space to work or relax, a generous baggage allowance and an elegant journey in every its stage from the moment of booking to your final distination here.
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In our website we inform you the permission and prohibition of baggage transportation, their weight and quantity using all over the world. Any kind of it provide certain baggage allowance (passenger) or cargo (freight). This is nessesary to control the duty ratio and the weight of the proposed shippment.
In passenger's transport is provided free and paid baggage, which is determined not only by its size parameters (size and weight) , but the duration of the flight , and of course, the class of service.The definition of two systems of baggage for is accepted worldwide.These are the weight and quantity, records the number of pieces of luggage.
The system for adults and children includes the following indicators:
1st class - 40 kg;
Business Class - 30 kg;
Economy Class - 20 kg;
Baggage and hand luggage per passenger are included in these restrictions. If the airline decided to change the settings, the passenger will notify it in advance.
Any class passenger is entitled to carry no more than two free pieces of baggage. The weight of each is 32 kg.
Transportation of oversized luggage is carried out only by agreement with the airline.
Above of the weighted norm can be taken as follows:
- Briefcases and attaches cases with installed alarm devices
- a purse
- plastic bag
- bouquet of flowers
- coats
- scarf or blanket
- umbrella or walking stick
- a small camera or camcorder
- binoculars
- portable computer
- a book to read
- pram
- a small bag of grocceries
Passenger's baggage must not be contain:
- compressed gases (aerosol sprays, oxygen bottles)
- explosives (fire works, ammunition)
- flammable solid and liquids (benzene, strike, alcohol/ any where matches)
- poisons and tear gases
- corrosive substances
- radioactive materials
- mercury
- firearms
- magnetised materials.
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In this section you can find airport information: on-line display of arrivals and departures, flight schedules, address and map directions to the airports. Also we can offer you baggage information. Compliance with restrictions on baggage is crucial in ensuring the safety and comfort during the flight. In the section you may get information that you need before your trip: where to go and why, practical advises etc. We offer you different inflight services such as food and drinks. During our intercontinental flights, we offer a variety of dishes to meet your medical, religious or other special needs. An important information about travel insurance will be presented here as well. To ensure the comfort and safety of your pet's travelling in our flights, we offer various options for transportation of animals. Also we present you information about the weather to ensure that the flight is safe.
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