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Baggage allowance on the plane.
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In our website we inform you the permission and prohibition of baggage transportation, their weight and quantity using all over the world. Any kind of it provide certain baggage allowance (passenger) or cargo (freight). This is nessesary to control the duty ratio and the weight of the proposed shippment.
In passenger's transport is provided free and paid baggage, which is determined not only by its size parameters (size and weight) , but the duration of the flight , and of course, the class of service.The definition of two systems of baggage for is accepted worldwide.These are the weight and quantity, records the number of pieces of luggage.
The system for adults and children includes the following indicators:
1st class - 40 kg;
Business Class - 30 kg;
Economy Class - 20 kg;
Baggage and hand luggage per passenger are included in these restrictions. If the airline decided to change the settings, the passenger will notify it in advance.
Any class passenger is entitled to carry no more than two free pieces of baggage. The weight of each is 32 kg.
Transportation of oversized luggage is carried out only by agreement with the airline.
Above of the weighted norm can be taken as follows:
- Briefcases and attaches cases with installed alarm devices
- a purse
- plastic bag
- bouquet of flowers
- coats
- scarf or blanket
- umbrella or walking stick
- a small camera or camcorder
- binoculars
- portable computer
- a book to read
- pram
- a small bag of grocceries
Passenger's baggage must not be contain:
- compressed gases (aerosol sprays, oxygen bottles)
- explosives (fire works, ammunition)
- flammable solid and liquids (benzene, strike, alcohol/ any where matches)
- poisons and tear gases
- corrosive substances
- radioactive materials
- mercury
- firearms
- magnetised materials.
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